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Below are some of the more frequently asked questions regarding our site, and also some questions and answers we thought you would like to have.

1. Is there a cost to register or apply to jobs?

If you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident there is no cost for you to register or apply to jobs. To register simply visit

If you are a non-Australian citizen you can also register with AT. However, there is an annual fee. For that fee you will receive a set of services as well as access to create a profile on our Network.Click here for more information.

Note: AT offers Advanced services for job seekers. These services are provided based on an annual fee. However, they are completely voluntary. You can still access our job search and application services at no cost. For more information on these services click here.

2. How do I quickly search for jobs on this site? I don't particularly want to go into every province/territory.

To search for jobs, choose "Job Search" from the top left of every page. The AT Job Search is a complete solution to finding a job from the postings we have available. You can choose the type of job (Teaching / Administrative etc.) and the subject area. You can then narrow your search further by specifying province/territory and region.

3. How up-to-date are the listings on this site

Our site runs on a database system which removes postings as soon as they are outdated according to what an employer has specified. As sometimes an employer may forget to close a position that has been specified as "Open until filled", the process is not 100% reliable, however, in most cases the jobs you see here are very up-to-date.

4. Do I need to register to apply to jobs?

Yes, to apply to jobs and view employer information you will have to register with There is no cost to register or to apply to jobs. Once you are registered you will be able to upload your resume and other application documents as well as access other services that are provided to our registered users. Being registered will also help you track the jobs to which you have applied. To register visit

5. How come my friend cannot see (some feature) that I can?

Our web solutions have been developed such that even the older browsers, or a browser on a typical operating system should be able to browse our site and provide you with the information you are searching for quickly and reliably. However, we do not officially support browsers that are below version 4 for both Netscape and Internet Explorer. If you are having trouble seeing/accessing something, please try the following:

  • Obtain a newer version of the browser. You can download the latest versions from Netscape Communications or from Microsoft
  • Enable cookies (we do not collect information other than to keep track of you while you are in our site and your language preference)
  • You may have javascript disabled. Please turn on javascript by going to Edit - Preferences (Netscape) or Tools - Internet Options (Internet Explorer). It may also be that you are using an Internet Explorer browser that has the security zone turned to high or a custom level that may disable javascript. Please talk to your system administrator, or check under Internet Options and the Security tab.

Cookie Notes:

Cookies are just text files. They can't search your hard disk for information or trash your files. They only record information that you have submitted to Web sites. Some Web sites cannot be accessed unless your browser accepts cookies.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on a user�s hard drive by the Web site that the user is visiting. This file records preferences and other data about your visit to that particular site, allowing a site to "remember" you on your next visit, for example. Cookies are often used for long-term data collection, such as storing your name, address, and preferences, so you will not have to reenter this information each time you visit a site.

However, if you�re someone who would prefer not to have the personalization offered by cookies and would like to turn them off, the following is a simple, step-by-step tutorial for preventing cookies from reaching your computer. Please follow the instructions appropriate to the use of Netscape or Internet Explorer. Instructions for Apple Macintosh-users are also included.

Click here for more specific methods to enable or disable cookies on your specific Internet browser.

6. Is posting a resume free?


7. Can I upload may own resume?

Yes! You can upload your own Word or PDF resume. To upload your resume you must log into your MyAT Centre. If you are not registered with you can sign up by clicking here. Your resume file must be no larger than 75K in size.

8. I can't upload my resume or other documents?

If you are experiencing issues uploading your resume there are typically a couple of reasons.

First, check the size of your documents. There are size restrictions on uploaded documents. No documents should be more than 150k. If you are getting a message that your file is too big try to optimize your document size. For some ideas on optimizing your Word resume click here. Click here to find out how to optimize a PDF document.

A second common problem is that your filename is not compatible with our database structure. If you have a space, too many characters (max of 16) or using non-alphanumeric characters you will get this type of error. This is easily resolved by simply renaming your file. Keep your filename simple without any non alphanumeric characters. i.e.myresume.doc

Finally, if you get a message that that file already exists, simply rename your document and try uploading again. Or, make sure you are not using any non-alphanumeric characters like a ",',-, etc... in the title of your resume. An optimal title for your resume is Resume of Your Name.

If you still have issues uploading a document to your profile email us your documents so we can conduct further troubleshooting. You can send them to

9. Can I upload any other types of documents?

Yes! You can upload cover letters, reference letters, copies of your transcripts, certification documents, work study projects and anything else you may need to apply to a job. To upload any other documents you must log into your MyAT Centre. If you are not registered with you can sign up by clicking here.

10. Can I select more than one job category for my E-Profile or Professional Form Resume? How do I make multiple selections?

Yes, you can select up to 5 different job categories when you are filling out your E-Profile or Professional Form Resume. To make multiple selections hold the CTRL key under Windows, Command key under Mac, while making your selections.

11. I have signed up for a jobbot, but I have not received any notices of new jobs via my email?

The first thing you should do is log into your MyAT Centre and check to see if your jobbot is active. When you are logged in click on My Job Bot, then on the link "View Last Results." A search table will appear with any new jobs recently added. If you see some results click the back button on your browser and click on the "Edit" link under the title of your jobbot. Check your deliver frequency, if you have marked daily or weekly, then go check your email inbox. If you have "Never" selected select either daily or weekly and save. You then will have to wait to see if your jobbot email is delivered.

In your email program do a search for "AT Job Bot Results." If the search does not turn up anything check your email program's Junk or Spam folders. Depending on your security and firewall settings the jobbot email can be easily blocked. If you don't find your jobbot email, look in your email program or firewall/security software's Help menu for adding a safe email address. Add to your Safe Email list and this should ensure your jobbots are delivered. If you still have problems receiving your jobbot emails don't hesitate to email us at

12. I'm an employer and I'd like to join and post on your web site. What do I have to do and what is the cost?

Check out our information on joining the AT! Believe us, you will not be disappointed!

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